The secrets of St. Mary Magdalene's church - The mysterious life of abbé Saunière... and the Mary Magdalene cave

De Stéphanie Buttegeg. Légendes d'Oc, 2016, 44 p.
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Table of contents

The origins of Rhedae
The castle of Rennes
The characters of the story
The parishes of abbé Saunière
Bérenger Saunière or the story of the billionaire priest…

The domain of Bérenger Saunière

The pillar of the Virgin
The calvary
The cave
Saunière’s office
The cemetery

Saint Mary Magdalene’s Church

The porch
The stoup and Asmodée
Other statues
The choir
The confessional
The huge bas-relief above the confessional:
The bas-relief under the altar
The sacristy and the secret room
The stained glass windows
The stations of the cross with anomalies

The presbytery
The Béthanie villa
The Magala tower and the orangery
17 January, a key date…
Suppositions about the wealth of Bérenger Saunière
The trial…
The parchments
The other documents
The Priory of Sion
An abyss called the Paris abyss
The Mary Magdalene cave

Légendes d'Oc, 2016, 44 p.

Stéphanie Buttegeg