The rays and the initiations

De Alice A. Bailey. Lucis Publishing Company, 1988, 820 p.
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A theatrise on the seven rays, volume V.

The final volume of A treatise on the seven rays contains the fundamental spiritual structure on which the next presentation of the Ageless Wisdom teaching will build. The book is in two parts; the first part enumerates and details the Fourteen Rules for Group Initiation. These are the rules for disciples and initiates, paralleling on a higher turn of the spiral, the rules for applicants contained in the book "Initiation, Human and Solar". The second part of this volume is concerned with the Rays and the Initiations, those nine major expansions of consciousness through which the initiate becomes progressively liberated from the various forms of our planetary life, ultimately proceeding upon his chosen Path of development and service within the universe.

Lucis Publishing Company, 1988, 820 p.

Alice A. Bailey