Rennes-le-Château - The dossier, the impostures, the fantasies, the hypotheses

De Gérard de Sède. DEK Publishing, 2006, 238 p.
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Occasion, bon état. Annotation en première page et quelques surlignage dans le texte

Translated by Roger Kersey.

With his 1967 book, Le trésor maudit de Rennes-le-Château ("The accursed treasure of Rennes-le-Château"), Gérard de Sède alerted the world to the mystery of Rennes-le-Château.

His book sparked a blaze of speculation and the publication of hundreds of books and articles on the subject. De sède himself devoted the following two decades to researching the various aspects of the Rennes-le-Château story and the many hypotheses that were generated to account for the mystery.

This resulted in the publication in 1988 of his erudite paperback Rennes-le-Château, le dossier, les impostures, les phantasmes, les hypothèses, that summed-up his somewhat modified views concerning the famous priest and those who succeeded him. The present publication is a translation of de Sède's book, making it more accessible to the anglophone reader.


Table of contents

The life and works of the writer Gérard de Sède

Front cover motif

Translator's preface



The dossier

Portrait of an adventurer

Discoveries in the church

A country priest abroad in the world

"The year 1891 carried into eternity"

A generous builder

Murder in the presbytery

The strange hobbies of Abbé Boudet

Accounts that don't bear examination

At the Vatican : Saunière plays and wins

The final dreams

Rennes-le-Château after Saunière

Places steeped in history

Water, rocks and metals


Impostures and fantasies

The apocrypha of Rennes-le-Château

A Freudian study

The history of France as taught to the credulous

The affair of the Red Serpent

The Great Monarch is a fraud

The origins of a sect

A myth is launched

A wild graft on the tree of Jesse

Mr. David Wood, or the Topography of Dreamland

Rennes-le-Château, a new Noah's Ark


The hypotheses

The prosaic hypothesis : simony

The golden hypothesis : treasure


A new hypothesis

From occult mysticism to historical mystification

The parchments and their legends

The church revisited

The Rose-Cross and Freemasonry

Languedocian occultism in Saunière's time

Abbé Saunière and his entourage

A notable date

The disquieting Georges Monti

1903-1915 : a difficult time

Outline of a scenario



Languedoc occultism and its metamorphoses



DEK Publishing, 2006, 238 p.

Gérard de Sède