Rennes-le-Château : a visitor's guide

De Tatiana Kletzky-Pradère. 1 livret + 3 repros de CP
6,00 €

Neuf sous emballage. 1 livret de 40 p. + 3 reproductions de cartes postales anciennes de Rennes-le-Château

Livre en anglais

Translated by Celia Brooke and Nicole Dawe



The strange story of a country priest and his servant

A brief history of Rennes le Château

The abbé Antoine Bigou

The abbé Saunière

The abbé Boudet

Marie Dénarnaud

The early restoration work

1891 : the discovery of a tomb

An interesting grotto

Monsieur Ernest Cros

The two parchments

The major constructions

Noël Corbu

The treasures according to local tradition

The Bérenger Saunière museum

Map of the abbé's domain

The "château des seigneurs"

Tatiana Kletzky-Pradère