Letters on occult meditation

De Alice A. Bailey. Lucis Publishing Company, 1985, 376 p.
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Dos marqué, usure aux angles

Received and edited by Alice A. Bailey.

Meditation, in the occult sense, is not only a training technique for the mind, but a means of achieving alignment, union and identification with the soul, with the Christ, and ultimately with "the Father". As distinct from the experience of mystical union, occult meditation establishes a scientific process by which causes set in motion will produce identifiable effects, which can be repeated at will. This is a technique to be mastered by the mind ; it involves intense mental activity followed by an absolute stillness, with the ability so to control and order the mind that it engages in action or becomes stilled to "reflection" at will.

Lucis Publishing Company, 1985, 376 p.

Alice A. Bailey