Confessions of an Illuminati princess

De Christy Zagami. 260 p.
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Confessions of an Illuminati Princess is a behind the scenes look at life from the perspective of the wife of an Illuminati insider.

World re-nowned Vatican insider Leo Zagami has been exposing the hidden power players of the New World Order for over a decade, and Christy has stood by his side almost from the beginning.

From the back alleys of Rome to the glitzy streets of Tokyo, and every twist and turn in between, Christy pours her heart out in this autobiography that reads more like a sophisticated novel.

In this updated version, you will find added photos and adventures, as well as an exclusive interview with Leo ,where he answers his most frequently asked questions.

Welcome to a world of magic, and espionage, mystery and intrigue, welcome to the life of an Illuminati Princess.


Welcome to my life

New York, New York, big city of dreams

Dreams shattered, time to move on


Back to Colorado

Tragedy strikes

From bad to worse



Academy of the Illuminati



Tokyo again

Decisions, decisions...

The story of Rambo

Life in Italy

Benjamin Fulford comes to visit

Farewell Elio Zagami

More less, more sadness

Happy birthday to me

My arrest !

Sorry I'm busy charging my cristals

Demonic attack !

Turin, the satanic capital of Italy

Princess Kaoru comes to visit, and I begin an affair

It's just politics...

Has the world gone mad ?

8 am wake up call

Arrivederci Roma !

Sympathy for the devil

Beverly Hills 90210

Going to the chapel of love

Mission accomplished !

Ciao Roma !

Adventures in Rome with Alex Jones

The Fukushima nightmare

Turbulent times realized

Alien mountain

The case of the disappearing Holy Mary


Our Matrix moment

My initiation into Freemasonry

An exclusive interview with Leo Zagami




260 p.

Christy Zagami