Barbarian gold - Visigothic treasure in Southern France

De Val Wineyard. Val Wineyard Publishing, 2017, 248 p.
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The treasure was stolen from Rome in 410 AD.

Within two years it was in Languedoc.

We know it formed the basis of the visigothic treasure housed in Toulouse.

We know it was later at Carcassonne.

We know it was at Rennes-le-Château.

But then ?

Val Wineyard traces this treasure trail across Europe, from 410 AD until the present day.



Alaric and the road to Rome

Rhedae, now the mysterious Rennes-le-Château

The first Alaric

The treasure of Rome

Meanwhile, what was happening in Languedoc ?

Ataulf leads the Visigoths to Narbonne

Founding the fortress of Rhedae

Ataulf nearly changed the world

Théodoric's stormy reigh

Théodoric and Attila the Hun

Brother after brother

Euric the incredible

Meanwhile at Rhedae...

The second Alaric

Clovis versus Alaric

Alaric the once and future king

Théodoric the Ostrogoth

Between Rhedae and Narbonne

The spanish kingdom

Wamba attacked Septimanie

Rhedae and Dagobert II

Enter the Saracens

The hammer of Charles Martel

Rhedae the bolt-hole

Guilhem of Gellonne

The jews at Narbonne

Could Rennes-le-Château still hold the treasure today ?

The true Jerusalem treasure

The Oradour mystery

Germany made mystic

Das Reich

Rennes-le-Château today

Project Visigoth - A tourist guide to visigothic places

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Val Wineyard Publishing, 2017, 248 p.

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