A journey of love - A holy quest in the South of France

De Mieke Vulink. 2022, 188 p.
20,00 €


Cinquième édition.

A Journey to Love - A Holy Quest in the south of France is a heart-warming, personal account of a Holy Grail journey and awakening to inner guidance from the Light World. Be transported to dimensions far beyond our limited human thinking. This book contains precious messages of love, to encourage you to take your own inner voyage to the divine within yourself. Accompany the author to heightened states of consciousness; where she meets essential parts of herself ; and her ancient connections with Yeshua, Mary Magdalene, the Holy Family, the Essenes, Cathars and Templars become clear.

“A touching and direct personal narrative. The reader is taken on a transformational journey through Cathar country and revisits ancient resonances of spiritual truth that can be reborn as a new awareness of the sacred; especially the key role of Mary Magdalene in early Christianity. An inspiring message of love and a reminder of our perennial quest for wisdom and understanding.” David Lorimer, programme director, editor, Scientific Medical Network, France

“Mieke was guided from deep within her soul to share her sacred journey through this magical book. The beauty of her spirit shines through and takes us into higher dimensions from within a place of light. She opens the reader to experience the mystical journey of the ancient power of Mary Magdalene and Jesus, and the Beloved Union of their souls that calls us home to love, in these modern times of uncertainty. As all mystical teachings; this book helps you discover the true power of the Grail and the holy source of divine forces awakening within your heart. Prepare for a journey to love without limits and a life transforming experience.” Judith Moore, Oracle of the Records of Creation, USA

Mieke Vulink devotes her life to the esoteric, mystical, sacred knowledge and initiation pathways. Her passion is to help people become conscious of their own divinity and support the desire to connect with the divine. She is a therapist and teacher in transformation and self-realisation; teacher of essential healing and coaching; clairsentient medium; published author; lightworker; and musician.

Mieke Vulink, 2022, 188 p.

Mieke Vulink
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